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top 8 – Sites that rock this week…

16 Apr

Hello Monday

1. Hello Monday is a creative agency and their website is creative as well! Their work is brilliantly beautiful..just check’em out for yourself.

31 Days to a Healthier You

31 Days to a Healthier You

2. While doing research, I ran across this article on Family Circle, 31 day to a healthier you. Usually the suggestions are rubbish with a dash of ridiculous mixed in, but I actually found this one useful.

Invitation website


3. As a designer, I’m a sucker for unique invitations. So when a friend mentioned Minted, I made a point of checking it out this week. And… I love it! An eclectic selection of numerous invites with fresh designs will keep me coming back for more.

Broken Secrets

4. Broken Secrets isn’t a gossip site, but it does reveal some interesting secrets such as why aluminum foil is shiny on one side and even Disney movie secrets. Its a good read to feed your curiosity.
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top 8 – sites that made my week!

24 Mar


1. I’m always looking for inspiring websites and the Inspiralist is like a triple chocolate fudge iced cake! Described as directory of creative sources, I love the visuals, but hope the site can expand very quickly. Bonus: Inspirations are sorted by design elements, resources, color, type, etc.

National Geographic's Daily Dozen

2. Who doesn’t love National Geographic? The Daily Dozen a is selection of twelve photos published monthly in their magazine. Grab a little world perspective.

Blackbird Pie

3. Twitter Media developed Blackbird Pie, a professional way to capture specific tweets for blog posts or websites. Please note you’ll need a tweet url, not the whole Twitter account for an isolated screen shot. You’ll be given the html code once you bake it.

Chris Brogan Social Media Etiquette

4. Huge fan of Chris Brogan and The Insider’s Guide to Social Media Etiquette. He touches upon appearance, friending, conversation, disclosure, promoting, content production and how sharing is caring. Simple do’s and don’ts of the Social Media world all in on place for easy reference.
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top 8 – Awesome Sauce Links of the Week

13 Mar

Most Awesomest Thing Ever!

1. The Most Awesomest Thing Ever compares things like Elmo to Chow Yun-Fat or Ho Hos to Jesse James. This site is great fun and super addictive. This week Gladiators, Stevie Griffin and Ghostbusters 2 top the Most Awesomest Ever list!

Be a DJ


2. Try your hand at your own radio station at Spreaker. A ton of stations to listen to, if you aren’t up for your own station.

Find Icons

3. Need a sweet icon? Check out Find Icons. Most are free for non-commercial use.

Find help for your home


4. Kudzu is a place for homeowners in need of plumbers, electricians, contractors, landscapers, painters…well, you get the picture. HGTV and DIY Network partnered with this site to assist homeowners with making an easy decision on who to trust with their housing needs.
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top 8 – Sites that sparked interest this week

6 Mar

Bizzy recommends...


1. Bizzy is a place I can get lost in. This site assists in recommendations based on your favorite restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Easy to use interface and connectability to Facebook makes inputting your favorites addicting.

Mint Data

Mint Data

2. I know Mint isn’t a new site, but have you check out the trends in your location with Mint Data? I was very curious to see on average Jacksonvillians spend $110 on purchases and Five Guys is one of the most frequented restaurants. Even if you aren’t data junkie like me, you may be interested in other areas when traveling.

Fast Flip

Fast Flip from Google Labs

3. Most of us are constantly looking for some free time, Google Labs is here to help with Fast Flip. A visual overview of headlines, popular news stories and even topic news overviews helps get you news quickly while keeping it interesting.



4. Zeer helps you find nutritional information on packaged products. With an extensive database, it’s easy to find gluten information as well as ingredients.

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Top 8 – Sites to Explore

26 Feb



1. Learn layout skills with Wirify, this nifty tool helps convert websites into wireframes. Super helpful for when you come across a layout you love or to adjust your company’s site. There is a free and paid version.

Things Real People Don't Say About Advertising

Things Real People Don't Say About Advertising

2. Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising is pretty hilarious, especially if you’ve ever worked in advertising.



3. Formulists makes my life much easier! It helps sort through the chaos of your twitter followers by creating lists for you. I’ve used the location and keyword sorting features, oh and its free!

Google Recipe Finder

Google Recipe Finder

4. Google Recipes is a new search feature Google just rolled out. Search for any recipe, then narrow down the results by ingredients, calories or cook time. Makes me love Google so much more!
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A change on the horizon…

27 Jan

After four years of working for The Dalton Agency, I’ll be making a change on February 1, 2011. The decision to change employers was very difficult as I’m leaving great co-workers who I consider friends and a culture that most designers dream of being a part of in their careers. Before coming to a final conclusion, I think my mind changed on a daily basis (sometimes hourly) for a few weeks. That being said, I’ve received a great opportunity from VyStar Credit Union and I’m incredibly happy to begin a new adventure!

I wanted to have a little fun with this and make a list (cause I heart lists!) of all the things I will/won’t miss about Downtown Jax.

I will definitely miss…
Burrito Gallery!
• walking to lunch
Chamblin’s Uptown
• the Main Library’s inviting atrium
• spending time with my boyfriend at lunch
• Adam’s Street Deli’s amazingly fantastic chicken salad and potato salad
• not having to look for parking for ArtWalk
• feeling like I work in the big city
• lunches by the river
• the gigantic owl statue
• trips to Quizno’s for Mountain Dew and the occasional oatmeal cookie
• spending time with Daltonites
• the great Tweeple I’ve met up with for lunch (Twitter friends who also work downtown)

I most definitely will not miss…
• the smells
• working in a basement (I like seeing outside)
• paying for parking
• one way streets
• being hassled for change

top 8 – links to explore this week

26 Jan



1. Wordmark.it helps you decided on a font choice. If you’ve ever wanted to compare typefaces side-by-side, this is the website for you! Easy to use and the possibilities are based on the fonts already on your computer. Happy hunting!



2. Sparked is a fantastic idea for non-profits and creative people who have a little bit of free time to join forces. Simply select your interests and your skills, then you are given challenges to complete for non-profits. Brilliant!

Parliament of Owls Design

Parliament of Owls Design

3. Parliament of Owls Design, not only to I lovingly admire their name, I also really dig their designs. Based in Brooklyn, they describe their designs as “old-school with a modern twist, stunningly crafted and surprisingly insightful.” I tend to agree with them. Follow them on Twitter!

Absurd Overheard

Absurd Overheard

4. Absurd Overheard is pure genius! I wish I would have thought of this one myself, but I definitely don’t have the mad skills that CMYKaren has. Karen illustrates absurd comments and tweets into some great art. I absolutely love her work and this idea!
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