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top 8 – Sites that sparked interest this week

6 Mar

Bizzy recommends...


1. Bizzy is a place I can get lost in. This site assists in recommendations based on your favorite restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Easy to use interface and connectability to Facebook makes inputting your favorites addicting.

Mint Data

Mint Data

2. I know Mint isn’t a new site, but have you check out the trends in your location with Mint Data? I was very curious to see on average Jacksonvillians spend $110 on purchases and Five Guys is one of the most frequented restaurants. Even if you aren’t data junkie like me, you may be interested in other areas when traveling.

Fast Flip

Fast Flip from Google Labs

3. Most of us are constantly looking for some free time, Google Labs is here to help with Fast Flip. A visual overview of headlines, popular news stories and even topic news overviews helps get you news quickly while keeping it interesting.



4. Zeer helps you find nutritional information on packaged products. With an extensive database, it’s easy to find gluten information as well as ingredients.

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top 8 – Free Social Media Resources

14 Dec

1. Social Mention gives users a way to research blogs, twitter, mainstream news and video, to name a few, all in one swoop. One of the most powerful free online tools will give users a vast look at mentions across the web. Top keywords, users and sentiment are among some of the useful data this search engine pulls. Definitely worth a look for initial research if you don’t want to spend top dollar on Radian 6.

2. Hootsuite is a social media management system. This is has all the bells and whistles such as scheduling posts for Facebook and Twitter, keyword searches, Google analytics and url shortners (to name a few). This product recently switched to a paid version for users that are more than casually into social media. Bonus: I love its owl mascot!

3. Klout is fast becoming the currency of social media. I’ve heard rumors about Vegas clubs using Klout scores to determine eligibility for entrance. In any case, the data received from this site is greatly useful for gauging your current state in social media from Twitter to Facebook and even LinkedIn. I also enjoy the suggested follows for Twitter because they offer a better description of the tweeters than their Twitter bios do.

4. Netvibes helps users compile as much or as little data as possible into one dashboard. Have all your newsfeeds, social platforms and searches in one place that is completely customizable and free!
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Writing for Facebook Tips

16 Sep

Working in an agency, we have several copywriters on staff, but for the most part I’ve been writing my own copy for Facebook. Though on a new project, I was teamed with a copywriter, which I thought was awesome, more time for me to research! It became clear that writing for Facebook isn’t writing for a print ad or video spot. I took for granted knowing the social platform’s ins and outs, habits about readers, etc.

When it became apparent I’d need to elaborate more on objectives, character counts and how readers interact, I googled it with no luck. Here in lies the reasoning for this blog post.

Understanding what each section is used for is imperative. The info tab for Facebook Pages differ depending on what type of business it was set up for. Usually there is always a place for general information or a mission statement. If you know the business like the back of your hand, this should be fairly simple to start with. Be sure to fill in all the fields. Leaving store hours blank for example is could deter customers if your competition lists their hours. Always provide a way for readers to contact you. Email or a phone number are most appropriate.
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top 8 – Animal Round-up

12 Sep

If you’ve follow my tumblr account, you’ve probably seen numerous posts about animals. Mainly, owls, peacocks, octopi and hedgehogs. Here are some items that pique my interest as of late. Yes, I spend a lot of time exploring etsy and adding cute things to my wish list.

Learn how to make this simply adorable owl box for free.

More about this lamp here.

Found these lovely Peacock Notecards on Etsy.

Loving the Penguin Classics.

Reasonably priced locket is only $26.

This book has been on my wish list for a while.

Hedgehog cheese grater is beautifully whimsical design, not sure how practical it is though.

How cute is this little guy. It’s yours for $11.95.

top 8 – Fascinating Links of the Week

23 Aug

This week’s link collection comes from my time at Social Fresh Charlotte. Amazing people with great resources.

1. Netvibes creates dashboards for all the information you care about. It’s where RSS feeds hangout and tell stories. Completely customizable so you can get information you want all in one area.

2. Yahoo! Pipes is self-described as a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web. And it’s true! Be sure to watch the intro videos.

3. Twitter Parade is a must check-out for a few minutes of amusement. Your Twitter followers’ avatars are superimposed into a parade. Simple entertainment.

4. Unsuck It is an glossary of commonly used phrases in the workplace with a twist. Input words like guru and incentivize to get the unsucky, straight-to-the-point version of what the jargon really means. Continue reading

Social Media in the Queen City of the South

19 Aug

This past Monday, I had the privilege of attending Social Fresh Charlotte. Being my first Social Media Conference, my expectations were beyond high, 150 on a 100 point scale. For the most part, the conference was a delightful community of information. Surrounded by people who do what I do, know the lingo and whose eyes don’t glaze over when I talked Twitter for more than five minutes, was an almost Utopian experience.

After 13 pages of notes, I decided not to overwhelm you with every detail I found interesting, but I would like to share somethings I learned. The Dalton Agency sponsored my trip to Charlotte and the conference, so I would like to thank them for making this happen. Now to share some wisdom from the 28 or so, Social Media speakers:

Your Social Media Toolset Panel: Most impressive award goes to Justin Kistner, his humor and insights were an instant success. Some sites he mentioned will be further featured in an upcoming Fascinating Links post. For now, the biggest takeaway from this panel was a decision tree concept and thoughts on interns.
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top 8 – Fascinating Links of the Week

11 Aug

1.Twazzup has a unique layout to give viewers real-time search results of Twitter. This site doesn’t just give you a dull boring stream of tweets containing your keyword. Pictures and influencers (twitter users that tweet the most about a specific subject) are shown as well, making this site fun eye candy!

2.ManageFlitter unfollow inactive, no-good Twitter users who are a waste of time and space while using this beautifully designed site.

3. Kottke, been coming to this blog for years. In-depth posts from a variety of subjects provide ample commentary to entertain and make you think.

4. Oh Joy! is a must for beautifully designed finds. Their Lust Lists keep me coming back for more. If you’re looking for unique house decor, visit this site.
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