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A Paco adventure!

12 Jun

Paco and I spent sometime in the photo booth today. Usually it’s very difficult to get him to stay still. Like he knows when I’m taking a picture and moves at the last second. Guess I fooled him this time 🙂


top 8 – sites that made my week!

24 Mar


1. I’m always looking for inspiring websites and the Inspiralist is like a triple chocolate fudge iced cake! Described as directory of creative sources, I love the visuals, but hope the site can expand very quickly. Bonus: Inspirations are sorted by design elements, resources, color, type, etc.

National Geographic's Daily Dozen

2. Who doesn’t love National Geographic? The Daily Dozen a is selection of twelve photos published monthly in their magazine. Grab a little world perspective.

Blackbird Pie

3. Twitter Media developed Blackbird Pie, a professional way to capture specific tweets for blog posts or websites. Please note you’ll need a tweet url, not the whole Twitter account for an isolated screen shot. You’ll be given the html code once you bake it.

Chris Brogan Social Media Etiquette

4. Huge fan of Chris Brogan and The Insider’s Guide to Social Media Etiquette. He touches upon appearance, friending, conversation, disclosure, promoting, content production and how sharing is caring. Simple do’s and don’ts of the Social Media world all in on place for easy reference.
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Welcoming Spring!

18 Mar

The first day of Spring is almost here! I’ve been enjoying snapping shots around the yard the last few weeks. These were all taken with the Retro Camera app for Android. Happy Spring!

top 8 – links to explore this week

26 Jan



1. Wordmark.it helps you decided on a font choice. If you’ve ever wanted to compare typefaces side-by-side, this is the website for you! Easy to use and the possibilities are based on the fonts already on your computer. Happy hunting!



2. Sparked is a fantastic idea for non-profits and creative people who have a little bit of free time to join forces. Simply select your interests and your skills, then you are given challenges to complete for non-profits. Brilliant!

Parliament of Owls Design

Parliament of Owls Design

3. Parliament of Owls Design, not only to I lovingly admire their name, I also really dig their designs. Based in Brooklyn, they describe their designs as “old-school with a modern twist, stunningly crafted and surprisingly insightful.” I tend to agree with them. Follow them on Twitter!

Absurd Overheard

Absurd Overheard

4. Absurd Overheard is pure genius! I wish I would have thought of this one myself, but I definitely don’t have the mad skills that CMYKaren has. Karen illustrates absurd comments and tweets into some great art. I absolutely love her work and this idea!
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top 8 – tumblr links of the week

26 Nov

1. Nine Eyes creator, Jon Rafman, captures Google Streetview images for all of us to see. Some are beautiful, some appalling, some leaving you wondering what happens in other parts of the world. I only wish, the photos stayed the locations.

2. Etsy Favorites is a designer’s list of great finds on etsy. Along with the nice layout, each new entry is tied to a current event, making this tumblr pretty clever and fun.

3. The Office of Frank Chimero is one of my faves! He’s an awesome designer/illustrator who shares informative videos and creative thoughts.

4. ShortFormBlog is an innovative news blog that does a fantastic job at giving you the bottom line fast. Definitely worth a peek.
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top 8 – Fascinating Links of the Week

24 Jul

1. Very Short List My amazing sister send this site my way. It provides great discoveries of movies, books, websites, music and science. Be sure to sign up for your daily VSL, its worth the daily dose of goodness!

2. Damn That’s Racist is a site to post racist comments you’ve heard, seen or said. Started by a good friend of mine, the site’s tagline is “Some things aren’t racist, but let’s face it, most of it is.” I’d hate to say this is a fun way to expose racism because its no joke, but the site does offer people an outlet for the hate in the world.

3. Disinformation: Everything You Know is Wrong contains articles about news around the world, but it reminds you to always question news outlets. The site is a aggregate for off-beat, quirky news and videos. With posts like “Teenagers Using Digital Drugs To Get High” and “The Sarah Palin Facebook Translator,” you can’t help but be amused!

4. Television Without Pity As stated in a previous post, I love some good TV! This site is all about recaps of shows, previews for upcoming seasons and forums for fellow tv-lovers. Continue reading