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Special gift for my Dadda

21 Jun

Yes, that’s what I can my Dad. My Dadda is known for telling my family he doesn’t want anything for his birthday or holidays. I’ve always felt these special days call for a special gift. I just can’t let the day pass without doing something nice for him. Since I knew he’d appreciate my frugalness, I went with a picture frame I had around the house and designed a quote for the picture area. I thought this appropriately showed my gratitude for all he does for our family. What quote would you have used for your Dad?

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.


top 8 – Typography, a bringer of atmosphere..

21 Apr

Great typography is like a hot fudge sundae on a gorgeous Florida day. These eight examples are some of my faves this week. I’m definitely one of those designers who can never have too many fonts 🙂

Get it at The Station…

31 Mar

A kick-butt video genius, friend of mine, Eric Peck and his partner in video, Kevin Labrecque asked for some logo design assistance for their new business venture, The Station. I love the concept, which is an old school gas station, early auto feel. After receiving a few mood photos, I sent my first concepts Kevin and Eric’s way.

First Design Concept

After a few color changes and additions, the final logo emerged. Let me know what you think and if you are looking for awesome video creation, give them a call.

The Station - Final Logo

A few early weddings…

17 Mar

Invitations are one of my favorite printed pieces to design. I’ve showcased one of these designs pre-printing. The other set was for another friend who had a design in mind, which I was able to replicate with my own little spin and variation on the pieces. If you’re interested in having my help with an invite design, shoot me an email for a chat. stephdburt@gmail.com Hope you enjoy these as much as I did designing them 🙂
Congrats to the lovely couples!

Wedding Invite

Swirly Wedding Invite

Wedding Invite

Savannah Wedding Invite

top 8 – tumblr links of the week

26 Nov

1. Nine Eyes creator, Jon Rafman, captures Google Streetview images for all of us to see. Some are beautiful, some appalling, some leaving you wondering what happens in other parts of the world. I only wish, the photos stayed the locations.

2. Etsy Favorites is a designer’s list of great finds on etsy. Along with the nice layout, each new entry is tied to a current event, making this tumblr pretty clever and fun.

3. The Office of Frank Chimero is one of my faves! He’s an awesome designer/illustrator who shares informative videos and creative thoughts.

4. ShortFormBlog is an innovative news blog that does a fantastic job at giving you the bottom line fast. Definitely worth a peek.
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Anchors Away!

18 Nov

We are gearing up for our yearly retreat at work! Its a nautical theme, which I was more than happy to make some table tents for. Every table is a different boat, I had the privilege of designing three of them! What do you think?

We’re all mad here…Birthday Invite

12 Oct

Birthday Invitation

Halloween is my favorite holiday, not just because of the awesome decorations and costumes, but my birthday is the day before. This one is a special birthday, I’ll be 30 on the 30th. As far back as I can remember all of my birthdays have been Halloween-themed. This year is no exception!

As a huge Tim Burton fan, I was thrilled to hear last year he was making an Alice in Wonderland movie, of which I’m also a huge fan. I’ve always wanted to be Alice for Halloween, and this year I’m determined to so. Bonus: The theme for my birthday this year is Mad Tea party!
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