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top 8 – Exciting Animal Finds

14 Jun

Yep, I love animals especially jewelry with animals. 🙂
Most of these are from esty.com. Click on the image for more information.



top 8 – tumblr links of the week

26 Nov

1. Nine Eyes creator, Jon Rafman, captures Google Streetview images for all of us to see. Some are beautiful, some appalling, some leaving you wondering what happens in other parts of the world. I only wish, the photos stayed the locations.

2. Etsy Favorites is a designer’s list of great finds on etsy. Along with the nice layout, each new entry is tied to a current event, making this tumblr pretty clever and fun.

3. The Office of Frank Chimero is one of my faves! He’s an awesome designer/illustrator who shares informative videos and creative thoughts.

4. ShortFormBlog is an innovative news blog that does a fantastic job at giving you the bottom line fast. Definitely worth a peek.
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