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Special gift for my Dadda

21 Jun

Yes, that’s what I can my Dad. My Dadda is known for telling my family he doesn’t want anything for his birthday or holidays. I’ve always felt these special days call for a special gift. I just can’t let the day pass without doing something nice for him. Since I knew he’d appreciate my frugalness, I went with a picture frame I had around the house and designed a quote for the picture area. I thought this appropriately showed my gratitude for all he does for our family. What quote would you have used for your Dad?

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.


top 8 – Exciting Animal Finds

14 Jun

Yep, I love animals especially jewelry with animals. 🙂
Most of these are from esty.com. Click on the image for more information.


top 8 – Get inspired with Art!

19 Apr

A collection of great Art which continues to inspire me. I hope you find inspiration in it too!

Anchors Away!

18 Nov

We are gearing up for our yearly retreat at work! Its a nautical theme, which I was more than happy to make some table tents for. Every table is a different boat, I had the privilege of designing three of them! What do you think?

top 8 – Links of the Week

13 Nov

1. Now Relevant is a search engine for current topics and trends. This search engine pulls information on a subject for only the past two weeks.

2. Step Up Speak Out is a website that helps teens with gender violence and sexual assault, a very serious issue facing teens. The site is very edge and contains a large amount of great content.

3. Lovely Package is a great blog about package design. Vintage, Redesign, Student work, all great examples of lovely design. I’m not a wine drinker, but I love perusing the wine aisles to see all the great labels.

4. Redesign:related contains a huge selection of redesigns from logos to movie posters to give designers something to talk about. Continue reading

top 8 – Links I love this week

11 Oct

1. Five Books helps you become an instant expert. Every day an eminent writer, thinker, commentator, politician, academic chooses five books on their specialist subject. Their knowledge is passed you, read it and buy the books.

2. Autumn has arrived, time for delicious apple pies and tasty root veggies. Get inspired with these Fall Recipes.

3. Ben & Jerry’s Halloween seems to love Halloween almost as much as I do. Check out the goblins and witches on this hauntingly intriguing site.

4. The Oatmeal – Very disappointed I didn’t find this site way earlier. Be advised it contains hilarious, witty and pretty accurate comics about a designer’s workday and general everyday life. So glad I found it 🙂
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Oh so pretty! Plate Designs

12 Aug

The plates I designed for the Art Institute Dish It Out gallery opening arrived. There were some pretty slick designs. I’ve captioned the two I created. Which ones do you like best?

Peacock Strut Plate by Stephanie Burt

Spirited Wavelength Plate by Stephanie Burt

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