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top 8 – Exciting Animal Finds

14 Jun

Yep, I love animals especially jewelry with animals. 🙂
Most of these are from esty.com. Click on the image for more information.



top 8 – sites of the week

6 Jan

1. Save the words is a fun little site about well.. words! The fun part is adopting a word. Mine for today is sinapistic (consisting of mustard). Bonus: registration is simple.

2. Out of Print Clothing brings classic books to life again with awesome tees! I’d love this To Kill A Mockingbird one!

3. Quora, word is spreading fast about this social media site. Ask a question, any question and give answers to questions that have been asked already on topics you’re interested in. I have a feeling this site will take up a lot of my time in the near future.

4. Offerpop debuted this week as a way to engage fans on Facebook and Twitter with unique contests and engagement ideas. If you have fewer than 500 fans or followers, this product is free. Its a great way to get your fans involved in connecting. Continue reading

top 8 – Links of the Week

13 Nov

1. Now Relevant is a search engine for current topics and trends. This search engine pulls information on a subject for only the past two weeks.

2. Step Up Speak Out is a website that helps teens with gender violence and sexual assault, a very serious issue facing teens. The site is very edge and contains a large amount of great content.

3. Lovely Package is a great blog about package design. Vintage, Redesign, Student work, all great examples of lovely design. I’m not a wine drinker, but I love perusing the wine aisles to see all the great labels.

4. Redesign:related contains a huge selection of redesigns from logos to movie posters to give designers something to talk about. Continue reading

top 8 – Animal Round-up

12 Sep

If you’ve follow my tumblr account, you’ve probably seen numerous posts about animals. Mainly, owls, peacocks, octopi and hedgehogs. Here are some items that pique my interest as of late. Yes, I spend a lot of time exploring etsy and adding cute things to my wish list.

Learn how to make this simply adorable owl box for free.

More about this lamp here.

Found these lovely Peacock Notecards on Etsy.

Loving the Penguin Classics.

Reasonably priced locket is only $26.

This book has been on my wish list for a while.

Hedgehog cheese grater is beautifully whimsical design, not sure how practical it is though.

How cute is this little guy. It’s yours for $11.95.

Top 8 – Animals that fascinate me!

13 May

Top 8 – Animals that fascinate me!

1. Lammergeier or Bearded Vultures are highly innovative especially when they are hungry. These massive scavengers popped up on my radar thanks to the Discovery Life series.

2. Cuttlefish I have to admit, I’m highly intrigued by the ocean as a whole, but this marine animal takes the cake. Their ability to camouflage and communicate by changing their skin color amazes me. I’m like a pyro watching a flame!

3. Platypus, in particular, the male platypus. Thank to a show about venom, I learned that platypus have hing leg spurs, but only the male’s spurs contain actual venom. Their venom is lethal enough to kill a dog and cause extreme pain in humans. Read more about the venom here .

4. Marmoset! To my knowledge, there isn’t a cuter animal in the world! The pygmy marmoset is especially fascinating, its like watching an action figure take life! If you’re local to Jacksonville (Florida), definitely check out this little guy at our zoo.

5. Stalk-Eyed Fly (again thanks to Discovery Life) You have to see this video! Not even sure how to describe it. Male Stalk-Eyed Flies swallow air to inflate their heads, which in turn.. oh just see for yourself 🙂

6. Starfish or Sea Stars have no brain. Starfish are very colorful, carnivorous creatures. They usually have 5 “arms,” but can have up to 40.

7. Anaconda: I’m thanking Luis Llosa for this one (He directed the movie). In any case, I’ve always been intrigued by snakes, but these mammoth beasts are at the top of my snake list!

8. Peacock, or Peafowl, this one is for obvious reasons. The pure beauty and extravagance of the male species is breathtaking. Their coloring is just fantastic.

Hope you enjoyed my 1st countdown. Please let me know what you think 🙂