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Crabby Quiche & Cheesy Potatoes

11 Jun

A couple of recipes we (my boyfriend and I) made this past week were Crab Quiche and Gouda Bacon Potatoes. Both recipes were delicious and I very much recommend them. For the quiche, I didn’t use the recommended pie crust. I’ve been using crescent rolls from Pillsbury and lining the pie pan this way. No need to pre-bake the crust just add all of the ingredients on top. Then, bake.


top 8 – Sites that sparked interest this week

6 Mar

Bizzy recommends...


1. Bizzy is a place I can get lost in. This site assists in recommendations based on your favorite restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Easy to use interface and connectability to Facebook makes inputting your favorites addicting.

Mint Data

Mint Data

2. I know Mint isn’t a new site, but have you check out the trends in your location with Mint Data? I was very curious to see on average Jacksonvillians spend $110 on purchases and Five Guys is one of the most frequented restaurants. Even if you aren’t data junkie like me, you may be interested in other areas when traveling.

Fast Flip

Fast Flip from Google Labs

3. Most of us are constantly looking for some free time, Google Labs is here to help with Fast Flip. A visual overview of headlines, popular news stories and even topic news overviews helps get you news quickly while keeping it interesting.



4. Zeer helps you find nutritional information on packaged products. With an extensive database, it’s easy to find gluten information as well as ingredients.

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top 6 – Sites to rock your week!

23 Dec

This week, I decided to make this heavy with images and lite on words since everyone is trying to find free time where they can. Hope you enjoy the links. Let me know which one you liked most!

Google Image Swirl


Follow Finder

Need a New Year's Resolution?




top 8 – Free Social Media Resources

14 Dec

1. Social Mention gives users a way to research blogs, twitter, mainstream news and video, to name a few, all in one swoop. One of the most powerful free online tools will give users a vast look at mentions across the web. Top keywords, users and sentiment are among some of the useful data this search engine pulls. Definitely worth a look for initial research if you don’t want to spend top dollar on Radian 6.

2. Hootsuite is a social media management system. This is has all the bells and whistles such as scheduling posts for Facebook and Twitter, keyword searches, Google analytics and url shortners (to name a few). This product recently switched to a paid version for users that are more than casually into social media. Bonus: I love its owl mascot!

3. Klout is fast becoming the currency of social media. I’ve heard rumors about Vegas clubs using Klout scores to determine eligibility for entrance. In any case, the data received from this site is greatly useful for gauging your current state in social media from Twitter to Facebook and even LinkedIn. I also enjoy the suggested follows for Twitter because they offer a better description of the tweeters than their Twitter bios do.

4. Netvibes helps users compile as much or as little data as possible into one dashboard. Have all your newsfeeds, social platforms and searches in one place that is completely customizable and free!
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top 8 – Links of the Week

26 Oct

1. Just in time for Halloween! Make me a zombie! Its quick and easy and of course, has the social plug-ins so you can share with your friends!

2. Wanderfly is the best designed travel site I’ve seen in a long time. Select your location, then price range and a couple of interests such as culture, romance, party and whoosh away you go finding a great destination!

3. Want to make a poster of your Facebook friends? Check out Printing Facebook for a $20, 20″x40″ print.

4. Visit Involver for nine FREE Facebook Apps! Sometimes Facebook is a little messy when it comes to searching for apps to add to a Facebook Page, but Involver is making it easy.
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Quick Thoughts…

19 Oct

Jaguars – With as much passion and heart in this city that bleed teal for this team, when the players/coaches don’t show up for a game I can’t help but be disappointing. I love my team, I’m not a bandwagon fan. When I know the team is capable of much more than what they put on the field Monday Night, its heart breaking.

Social Media – The more I learn, the more I love this. I’ve been happily attending the 2010 Facebook Success Summit, which has been so enlightening. I know Social Media, though to hear experts in my field is such a privilege. My only wish is that others around me take advantage of this opportunity.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Try the Butterbeer, frozen!

Follow Friday (#FF on Twitter) – Is pretty much pointless if no one actually follows who you’re recommending. Be sure to be descriptive about why this person should be followed, don’t group everyone into one tweet. Think about how you would introduce this person to a colleague.

top 8 – Fascinating Links of the Week

13 Sep

1. Dribbble is a show and tell for designers. Show others what you’re working on, it just might give you a new perspective. As a designer, I know it’s difficult to step away from your work and critique it properly.

2. Simply Zesty contains lots of great ideas for Social Media, so be sure to peruse through this informative site. The link listed is a post about The Rise Of Social Advertising. Great read with case study examples, which are always great to have.

3. Pimp That Snack is a pretty hilarious website which takes regular-sized snacks and super-sizes them. Just makes me wonder how long it would take to eat the pimped out food!

4. Get Social Jax Even more Social Media! A local guy who can’t wait to meet in person because of the great ideas he has. So check out his blog!
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