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Quick Thoughts…

30 Nov

Turn Signals: Please use them, It’s not crazy drivers cutting me off that upset me! It’s that they could at least have the courtesy to tell me where/when they are going to do so. It helps me to avoid said crazy drivers. Where are your manners?

Patience: Definitely not my virtue, but I still try to wrestle it into submission.

Jack of all trades: Highly underrated and underpaid. If you were to hire someone for every job this person can do, why can’t you pay them the equivalent salary? Just baffles me how logic flies out windows so easily.

Google: If I can do it, so can you!

RSS Feeds: I love these bloodlines of content, but please use them well. If your company has a hand in every Social Media platform out there, please don’t feed all of them to your Facebook page. As a great song once said, “Gotta keep’em separated!”

Early Birds: Don’t know about any worm catching, but I sure do get my work done before the night owls try to eat me.


A little Facebook humor…

15 Sep

This was emailed to me this morning, had to share. Being a Social Media enthusiast, this is simply hilarious! Makes me want to make Facebook pages for all of these people. How entertaining! Disclaimer: Not for the little kiddies or easily offended.

I’ve got the power!

25 Aug

Superheroes have amazing abilities, leaping buildings, invisibility, super strength. I have a superpower that goes beyond most ideas of those abilities. Overheating!

See, I affect the technology around me by powering it down. My laptop and cell phone recently met this fate, which I thought was only a fluke until this past weekend. Doing some housework, I thought it would be a good idea to vacuum. Well, about 20 minutes into cleaning, it overheated. So, I’ve decided I’m a superhero with the ability to overheat technology. Though my power is unpredictable, I’m working on harnessing my ability and hope to contain myself enough while driving so I don’t have to call a tow truck!