top 8 – Awesome Sauce Links of the Week

13 Mar

Most Awesomest Thing Ever!

1. The Most Awesomest Thing Ever compares things like Elmo to Chow Yun-Fat or Ho Hos to Jesse James. This site is great fun and super addictive. This week Gladiators, Stevie Griffin and Ghostbusters 2 top the Most Awesomest Ever list!

Be a DJ


2. Try your hand at your own radio station at Spreaker. A ton of stations to listen to, if you aren’t up for your own station.

Find Icons

3. Need a sweet icon? Check out Find Icons. Most are free for non-commercial use.

Find help for your home


4. Kudzu is a place for homeowners in need of plumbers, electricians, contractors, landscapers, painters…well, you get the picture. HGTV and DIY Network partnered with this site to assist homeowners with making an easy decision on who to trust with their housing needs.

One Up Web

5. Oneupweb is a digital marketing agency based in Michigan. Their website is awesomely stylish, but you should especially visit OneUpWeb library.

Vote Smart

6. Voting is a privilege, with that said, here is site to review your current elected officials are: Vote Smart. Simply enter your zip code and find out how to contact your local officials.

Recipe Finder

Super Cook

7. Super Cook is a great source for cooking up recipes based on what’s in your pantry. Add your ingredients and your recipes are listed. Nifty tabs sort from starters, entrees and desserts.

Complaint Community

8. Complaint Community assists in getting complaints resolved. Most seem to be from the UK, but its interesting to see what gets resolved.


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