top 8 – Sites that sparked interest this week

6 Mar

Bizzy recommends...


1. Bizzy is a place I can get lost in. This site assists in recommendations based on your favorite restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Easy to use interface and connectability to Facebook makes inputting your favorites addicting.

Mint Data

Mint Data

2. I know Mint isn’t a new site, but have you check out the trends in your location with Mint Data? I was very curious to see on average Jacksonvillians spend $110 on purchases and Five Guys is one of the most frequented restaurants. Even if you aren’t data junkie like me, you may be interested in other areas when traveling.

Fast Flip

Fast Flip from Google Labs

3. Most of us are constantly looking for some free time, Google Labs is here to help with Fast Flip. A visual overview of headlines, popular news stories and even topic news overviews helps get you news quickly while keeping it interesting.



4. Zeer helps you find nutritional information on packaged products. With an extensive database, it’s easy to find gluten information as well as ingredients.

Pink Kisses

Pink Kisses

5. This one is for the ladies. If you’ve been through a break-up recently, give a visit toPink Kisses. You’ll find blog posts to assist with the traumatic event and can even burn his photo virtually. Sign-up for a fee to have flowers, chocolates, text messages, emails and even a new look sent to you.

Gallup polls, news


6. Curious about approval ratings or the job market? Check out Gallup online. The state by state data is interesting as well for economy, well being and politics data.

Dumb Little Man

Dumb Little Man

7. Dumb Little Man provides great tips for making your life easier. I could explore here for days!

Day Zero Project

Day Zero Project

8. Create a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days at Day Zero Project. You know you want to 🙂


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