A change on the horizon…

27 Jan

After four years of working for The Dalton Agency, I’ll be making a change on February 1, 2011. The decision to change employers was very difficult as I’m leaving great co-workers who I consider friends and a culture that most designers dream of being a part of in their careers. Before coming to a final conclusion, I think my mind changed on a daily basis (sometimes hourly) for a few weeks. That being said, I’ve received a great opportunity from VyStar Credit Union and I’m incredibly happy to begin a new adventure!

I wanted to have a little fun with this and make a list (cause I heart lists!) of all the things I will/won’t miss about Downtown Jax.

I will definitely miss…
Burrito Gallery!
• walking to lunch
Chamblin’s Uptown
• the Main Library’s inviting atrium
• spending time with my boyfriend at lunch
• Adam’s Street Deli’s amazingly fantastic chicken salad and potato salad
• not having to look for parking for ArtWalk
• feeling like I work in the big city
• lunches by the river
• the gigantic owl statue
• trips to Quizno’s for Mountain Dew and the occasional oatmeal cookie
• spending time with Daltonites
• the great Tweeple I’ve met up with for lunch (Twitter friends who also work downtown)

I most definitely will not miss…
• the smells
• working in a basement (I like seeing outside)
• paying for parking
• one way streets
• being hassled for change


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