top 8 – sites of the week

6 Jan

1. Save the words is a fun little site about well.. words! The fun part is adopting a word. Mine for today is sinapistic (consisting of mustard). Bonus: registration is simple.

2. Out of Print Clothing brings classic books to life again with awesome tees! I’d love this To Kill A Mockingbird one!

3. Quora, word is spreading fast about this social media site. Ask a question, any question and give answers to questions that have been asked already on topics you’re interested in. I have a feeling this site will take up a lot of my time in the near future.

4. Offerpop debuted this week as a way to engage fans on Facebook and Twitter with unique contests and engagement ideas. If you have fewer than 500 fans or followers, this product is free. Its a great way to get your fans involved in connecting.
5. The Artful Crafter is one of the most useful websites around for help with crafts. Anything from beading, soap making to paper-making and candles, this site has great advice and articles for crafting. I admit the design needs some work, but I can look past that with all the helpful tips it provides.

6. Unbounce Though I’ve never used their landing page product, I do fancy their killer blog! Their insightful articles for Social Media should be a must read at least monthly!

7. Undercity I know this isn’t a site to explore, but this video feeds my love for urban exploring! I just love it!!

8. Animals dying in 2011 Again, not a site to explore, but the recent news of birds, fish and bees dying is really eerie. I wanted to explore this event a little more and thought this article was interesting. Let me know your thoughts.

Hope your having a great New Year!


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