top 8 – links of the week

23 Nov


1. Tim Burton’s Cadavre Exquis is a story-telling experiment by one of my favorite people in the movie biz. He posted tweet about one of his characters, Stainboy, who is on an adventure. Fans are asked to use a Twitter hashtag, #BurtonStory, to continue the tale.

2. Time’s Best 50 Inventions of 2010 is a great list, and I love lists.

Garden Inventor

3. Garden Inventor is a pretty addicting game, in which you must defend your garden against bugs and insects by building barriers such as cacti and spitting roses. Warning: very addicting!

4. Social Fresh has a great collection of blog posts that I’ve found super helpful and informative about Social Media. I did attend the Social Fresh Charlotte conference earlier this year, which was just as informative. Very appreciative of their information!

5. I found GovDeals strangely fascinating. Best way to describe it is the Craigslist for confiscated items. You can search by zip code and bid on things like a mega-surplus of galvanized rods to landscape scrapers. Just one of those strange sites that entertained me.

6. As an IKEA lover, I absolutely adore the IKEA Hacker blog. Simple, modern furniture is given some personality with these easy how-tos.


7. I’m always keeping my eye out for some fresh wallpaper. Since I don’t have a window in my office, it tends to be my only connection to nature when I’m at work. InterfaceLIFT has over 2,000 great wallpapers available for free.

8. Easter Eggs aren’t just for Easter, I love looking for these in movies and on websites. And now with a little help from this website, I can share with other Easter Egg aficionados. Happy Hunting!


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