top 8 – Links of the Week

13 Nov

1. Now Relevant is a search engine for current topics and trends. This search engine pulls information on a subject for only the past two weeks.

2. Step Up Speak Out is a website that helps teens with gender violence and sexual assault, a very serious issue facing teens. The site is very edge and contains a large amount of great content.

3. Lovely Package is a great blog about package design. Vintage, Redesign, Student work, all great examples of lovely design. I’m not a wine drinker, but I love perusing the wine aisles to see all the great labels.

4. Redesign:related contains a huge selection of redesigns from logos to movie posters to give designers something to talk about.

5. Ad Goodness Nice, clean advertising blog that claims to show the best and sometimes the worst ads around the globe. Being the the ad industry, its always good to keep an eye on competition. Also check out Type Goodness and Flyer Goodness.

6. Animalarium is a great collection of animal related art. Illustrations, woodwork, sculptures are accumulated to inspire.

7. Mind Meister is a web-based mind mapping tool. One of the first things I learned in design classes was the importance of research and mind mapping. Sign up for a free version with 3 mind maps and some sharability or increase your options with paid versions.

8. Operation Beautiful is an amazing effort to transform the way people look at themselves one post-it at a time. Post an anonymous note in public place for a women to find telling them how beautiful they are today! We are all beautiful!


2 Responses to “top 8 – Links of the Week”

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      Thanks! Much appreciated 🙂 The theme is called Paperpunch by The Theme Foundry.

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