Social Media: Building relationships

3 Nov

This month marks two years since I’ve been doing Social Media professionally. In this short time, a lot has changed, but what remains the same is the underlying principal of Social Media: The customer wants your attention. They want to feel you are listening when they tweet about their pizza showing up cold or the experience they had in your store. As a brand ambassador, making a customer feel special is my number one goal.

For any company looking to make a move into the Social Media realm (which you should be doing), listen to your customers. Be human, respond to them.
Social Media is about an opportunity to connect with people. If your company isn’t at least listening to the conversation surrounding your brand online, you are going to be left behind. Think of listening as you would a focus group. They have information about your products/services that you should want to be privy to.

As a daily user of social platforms, I can tell you one of the most rewarding parts of my job is conversing with people, knowing I’ve helped make their day a little easier by listening and responding to their concerns or questions. This is just great customer service. Companies should realize this should be an all-encompassing goal involving call centers, live web chats and your social media team. If a customer is only getting great service from your Facebook team, but not from your 1-800 number, there is a problem.

On side note, I’ve heard a number of companies express their reservations with opening themselves up to Social Media. The truth is your customers are already talking about you. Your company is already missing out on opportunities to capitalize with new customers and retain current customers. I know if having the choice between two companies who offer the same service, but one is online, connecting with customers and other doesn’t even have a Facebook page, hands down I lean toward the company online. They are networking, answering questions/concerns and offering promotions. The company is seen as giving customers an added value. The customer experience doesn’t stop at the cash register.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Blogger… The list could go on. This isn’t Social Media. They are my tools, platforms upon which I build relationships. Just some things to think about when using Social Media. I hope you found this post helpful.


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  1. me November 24, 2010 at 9:06 pm #

    very special

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