top 8 – Links of the Week

26 Oct

1. Just in time for Halloween! Make me a zombie! Its quick and easy and of course, has the social plug-ins so you can share with your friends!

2. Wanderfly is the best designed travel site I’ve seen in a long time. Select your location, then price range and a couple of interests such as culture, romance, party and whoosh away you go finding a great destination!

3. Want to make a poster of your Facebook friends? Check out Printing Facebook for a $20, 20″x40″ print.

4. Visit Involver for nine FREE Facebook Apps! Sometimes Facebook is a little messy when it comes to searching for apps to add to a Facebook Page, but Involver is making it easy.

5. Social Media Today has a variety of stories from Social Media professionals on topics such as geo-location, twitter influence, non-profits and even tips on hiring a Social Media consultant. For whatever topic you’re interested in, this site keeps you current.

6. Ever wanted to remix a corny cat video with say a fun hip-hop song like Lupe Fiasco? Enter Dragontape! Drag and drop online videos to make your fave new mix! I see a lot of montages in the future.

7. organizes Twitter into a newspaper-style format. “Newspapers” can be created for any Twitter user, list or #tag. Hmm.. seems interesting, I will be looking more into the usefulness of this, but thought I could share it anyway… Let me know your thoughts!

8. Brian Solis is a Social Media expert. His book Engage! is actually next on my reading list. He is a very talented guy, so check out his website, and try proving me wrong. 🙂

Hope you enjoy the links this week! Please share your favorite finds with me too!


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