top 8 – Links I love this week

11 Oct

1. Five Books helps you become an instant expert. Every day an eminent writer, thinker, commentator, politician, academic chooses five books on their specialist subject. Their knowledge is passed you, read it and buy the books.

2. Autumn has arrived, time for delicious apple pies and tasty root veggies. Get inspired with these Fall Recipes.

3. Ben & Jerry’s Halloween seems to love Halloween almost as much as I do. Check out the goblins and witches on this hauntingly intriguing site.

4. The Oatmeal – Very disappointed I didn’t find this site way earlier. Be advised it contains hilarious, witty and pretty accurate comics about a designer’s workday and general everyday life. So glad I found it 🙂


Beastly Plantation


5. Grabba Beast throws some fun into your day by helping you build a monster. If you love it, make it into a poster.

6. Charming Wall is filled with art, but I love the use of their logo as I navigated around. It works with the page, like a living, breathing animal. Must click on the hours/location! I’ve never seen a more innovative making of a map.

7. I adore the Paper Beats Internet concept: Its a class project designed to encourage hand-drawn type and images that pairs students with a professional in their field of art interest. Fun art to lighten any mood.

8. Badgeville is a white label Social Rewards & Analytics Platform. This looks really interesting, I will be investigating more this week. Its like a loyalty reward program for your website.


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