top 8 – Fascinating Links of the Week

20 Sep

1. Tasteologie, a spin-off of my fave site NotCot, but with a foodie twist. I can’t wait to spend more time explore it!

Sample of two posts

2. The Daily is a news website, but if you only have a few minutes to read the latest headlines, visit them. Their Cheat Sheet pulls top must-read news from numerous sites. Short headlines give readers the skinny without wasting time. Designed really nicely as well.

3. Seven Sins of Social Media is an except from Scott Stratten’s book: UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging. The article brings mistakes in Social Media to light, which I’m hoping people will become more informed about and not be inclined to make.

Jabberwocky. children's book design

4. 36pages is Craig Frazier’s site where he review, interviews and features amazingly designed picture books. I’m a big fan of picture books, especially children books. There is some magically inspirational inside that feeds creativity.

5. Draw! Pilgrim is a site filled with a collection of colorful blog post, literally. Love her etsy finds and her vintage style is super inspirational.

Draw!Pilgrim print

6. Isle of Skye is a blog by an Australian graphic designer and I really like her style. Her blog features her work and also things that inspire her. Its great to see what inspires an Australian designer.

Cover of annual report by Skye

7. David Horvitz on Tumblr is a site I found last year that inspired me to do something unpredictable and creative on a nearly daily basis. With suggestions such as mailing a sketch to someone who needs inspiration or photographing a random object and leaving it for a stranger to discover. Even though the list was meant for last year, it still offers great ideas, just put your own spin on it.

8. Wakerupper is a service that helps you out with reminders or if you want to get out of a meeting early. You can schedule calls with whatever message you’d like. I can see this getting out of hand out with prank calling though. 🙂


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