top 8 – Fascinating Links of the Week

13 Sep

1. Dribbble is a show and tell for designers. Show others what you’re working on, it just might give you a new perspective. As a designer, I know it’s difficult to step away from your work and critique it properly.

2. Simply Zesty contains lots of great ideas for Social Media, so be sure to peruse through this informative site. The link listed is a post about The Rise Of Social Advertising. Great read with case study examples, which are always great to have.

3. Pimp That Snack is a pretty hilarious website which takes regular-sized snacks and super-sizes them. Just makes me wonder how long it would take to eat the pimped out food!

4. Get Social Jax Even more Social Media! A local guy who can’t wait to meet in person because of the great ideas he has. So check out his blog!

5. Twibbon helps you show support for a cause on Twitter. Some Twibbons are fun, some are strange, some are for football fans. Take you pick!

6. Life is AMAZING! This site rocks! Based on the tv series Life, this beautifully designed and interactive site is so much fun. Explore a new theme every month.

7. Crystal Garden Wish Flower I know this is a product, not really a whole site, though Urban Outfitter is pretty sweet. I’m totally adding this to my wish list, looks so magical.

8. Quipsologies is one the best design blogs on the world wide web 🙂 It’s quick and to the point compilation of great graphic design. Check, check it out.


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