11 Sep

It’s about time I did Jaguars update. I love this team, pretty sure I bleed Teal! With that said, there are couple items I’d like to touch upon. Last week, I had the honor and privilege of meeting the talented Jensen Hande. As part of the Touchdown Jacksonville social team, my co-worker, Tim and I requested to interview him about a project he has immersed himself in entitled “I’m Teal. Are you?” Jensen was great to interview and does amazing work. Hoping to post the interview soon (fingers crossed). But I do have the pic he created of me.

Photo by The Amazing, Jensen Hande

Secondly, The Jaguars first game against The Broncos is slated for a 1pm start tomorrow at EverBank Field. I’ve watched for the past few weeks as Jags Fans and Tebow Fans have been bickering back and forth. I’d like to say I admire who Tebow is and what he has done, he’s like a hometown hero. I respect the guy, honestly. Come this Sunday, I am a Jaguars fan, not a Tebow or Gators Fan. Sundays are reserved for the Jacksonville Jaguars. No wavering, no fence straddling.

I’d like to send a plea to Jaguars Fan. Show your support for our local team, the team that helps this city, by wearing TEAL tomorrow. The national media’s poor excuse for coverage already makes a laughing stock out of our team, let’s not give them more ammo.


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  1. scdzrcs September 24, 2010 at 12:08 am #

    boom chica wowow

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