Is your Mom on Facebook?

9 Sep

Recently, stats about growing numbers of 50-60 year-olds joining Facebook caught up with me. Yes, my mom is on Facebook along with some of my aunts. I’m sure you’ve encountered this trend or will be very soon.

A co-worker of mine recently asked me if I knew Bonnie so-and-so who responded to one of my latest status updates. No, I don’t know her, I responded. Turns out she is my co-worker’s grandmother. This is happening more and more often. Instead of being agitated by an older generation invading your online social realm, I say we should embrace them and teach them how to be more effective with their new endeavors.

This may be somewhat embarrassing when a family member “likes” all of your status updates or comments about an unflattering moment from childhood. But, let’s take a walk in their shoes for a minute. When our parents and grandparents were growing up, people did things like send letters with news about little Johnny’s first day at school or even picked up the phone to give them a quick update about how little Sara was adjusting to losing her first tooth.

Older generations didn’t have Skype, email and probably didn’t even know what the Internet was. Fast forward to a year ago, when grandchildren were talking on Facebook or sons were posting pictures from their latest adventure online. You have to hand it to our grandparents and parents for being savvy enough to go where their grandkids or kids are. It’s the classic “If you can’t beat’em, join’em” attitude. Your family just wants to be a part of your life. I suggest you remain grateful and thankful to have people who care if you just got a new haircut or had a great time at last night’s concert.

With that said, be sure to look out for them. Make your mom/dad/grandmother are aware of the dangers of posting things too personal as there are not-so-nice people in the world. Even give them a quick tutorial about how to post comments or photos to the appropriate places. The most important advice I feel is to remind them anything they put on Facebook or the Internet, for that matter, to always assume everyone can see it. Remember parents/grandparents mean well and they aren’t trying to embarrass you or invade your space, they just want to connect with you.


One Response to “Is your Mom on Facebook?”

  1. weight September 28, 2010 at 3:05 am #

    yeah my dad will like this

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