top 8 – Fascinating Links of the Week

28 Aug

1. Startup Quotes I’m a big fan of getting advice from other professionals and I highly admire entrepreneurs. Combine these two things and you get Startup quotes. The design is pretty sweet as well, makes the quotes beg to be printed and saved in a sketchbook.

2. MythFits is a comic about a unicorn and robot, it’s pretty entertaining and deserve your attention. It’s genius for the artist to feature polls asking his audience what should happen next or if we agree with the outcome. How very social media of him! Be sure to checkout the first post to understand why a unicorn and a robot are the subject of this comic.

3. Creative Lives, watch videos with a variety of creative people documentary style. I always find it interesting to see another artist’s creative process, so I thought you might too!

4. Discovery Creative is the in-house design team for The Discovery Channel. I love their work, its incredibly creative, so it’s safe to say I love their site as well. In fact, I’m adding it to my list of dream jobs.

5. Creative Loafing, while you may not be part of the featured cities, it’s still a good site to use for a travel guide. Or you may want to learn about the culture and get inspiration for future blog posts.

6. Meetup is a great site for networking and finding people who have the same interests as you. Find an event you’re interested in or make your own. Either way, it’s fun way of finding people with things in common.

7. True Blood, I’m slightly obsessed with this show. I’ve read almost all of the books, but despite that HBO does a fantastic job with this site. Jessica’s blog is a must read. Everything about this site brings a viewer more and more into the world of Bon Temps.

8. Monsters and Critics is a site with entertainment and world news. The user friendly layout makes reading fun! 🙂 But really, it is quite interesting and provides news in a different way from traditional news sites.


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