What makes you a guru?

14 Aug

There are a lot of titles floating around for positions in Social Media. The field is exploding with self-taught talent. As with most new things, there isn’t precedent for titles, standards or status. Hearing Guru or Expert thrown around is crazy talk to me. Its such a new and emerging field that I find it off-putting for someone to call themselves these terms.  I pair such terms with quack and too-good-to-be-true, to me it’s simply vain.

This week, I was confronted with a business card from a Social Media Architect. A what? Does Social Media help you build skyscrapers? Or do you primary work in the Real Estate realm of Social Media? I have to admit, it’s original, but what does it mean?

All these terms got me thinking. I have a background in Graphic Design and hold the title of Social Media Manager at the agency I work for. So please don’t call me a Community Manager, a Strategist or an Architect, I’m leaning toward Social Media Artist!


One Response to “What makes you a guru?”

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