top 8 – Fascinating Links of the Week

11 Aug

1.Twazzup has a unique layout to give viewers real-time search results of Twitter. This site doesn’t just give you a dull boring stream of tweets containing your keyword. Pictures and influencers (twitter users that tweet the most about a specific subject) are shown as well, making this site fun eye candy!

2.ManageFlitter unfollow inactive, no-good Twitter users who are a waste of time and space while using this beautifully designed site.

3. Kottke, been coming to this blog for years. In-depth posts from a variety of subjects provide ample commentary to entertain and make you think.

4. Oh Joy! is a must for beautifully designed finds. Their Lust Lists keep me coming back for more. If you’re looking for unique house decor, visit this site.

5. Lifehacker has been around for a while, though their layout has changed to a more ad-based site (which is distracting), I still adore the informative daily posts. A great read for helping with techie stuff and making life easier.

6. YumSugar! Never really considered myself a foodie, but I think I have to admit that I totally am! With posts about flourless chocolate cake recipes and questions about whether or not alcohol should be at weddings (YES!), its pure delight visiting this site.

7. SwissMiss is a mecca of extraordinary design. As a lover of Swiss design, this blog is a haven of goodness. She also does a great job at featuring all aspects of design.

8. DesignVerb Guess I’m on a design kick this morning. Another great blog that focuses on fantastic design.


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