Quick Thoughts…

6 Aug

Girls vs. Boys – It seems there has always been debate about which gender is better than the other. Gender wars can be light-hearted or down-right sexist. In any case, I noticed a particular instant in which women will always win. Women don’t have to turn on the light at night to use the bathroom! Ha, score! (Unless the guy doesn’t care about making a mess that is, then you should toss him!)

Arena Football – If you grew up watching American Gladiators, then you’re gonna love Arena Football! It amazes me the nostalgia for Ice and Gemini I get every time I attend a game.

Google – One of the most amazingly useful brands I’ve encountered. They are the new Apple, without all that fancy elitism. On another note, I struggle with people who ask questions without googling it first. This isn’t the 90’s (lol).

Monotony – Sometimes I drive completely out of the way to come to work. I just get bored with the same route especially when I don’t remember the drive at all.

Note Taking – This has apparently become passe! How do students pass tests or remember how to do something new? Guess I’m an old-school, paper-loving, organized adult now.


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