top 8 – Fascinating Links of the Week

5 Aug

1. Design*Sponge: Guide to Jacksonville I’ve been a fan of Design*Sponge for quite some time and always admire the city guides they feature. Well, Jacksonville, our guide has arrived! As someone who calls Jacksonville her hometown, I thoroughly enjoy this post. Be sure to read the comments to see some great additions!

2. Name Checklist You want to plan a social media strategy, but want to make sure the name of the brand/company will be available across all social media platforms. BAM! Enter Name Checklist! Should be a go-to site for all new social plans.

3. The Zine Collection is a spiffy blog by the Jacksonville Public Library, which contains quite the extensive collection of Zines in the downtown location. Zines are a culturally unique experience, which this blog explores to the fullest. They know their Zines, complete with a monthly update of the newest additions.

4. Get Glue is the movie, tv, music and book version of Yelp, well kinda. Add all of your favorites to get recommendations, stickers and become a guru for everything you love. I personally like the new releases part of the site because its sometimes difficult to keep up with all the new media coming our way. Warning: highly addictive

5. Panda Cam at The San Diego Zoo, if you haven’t checked these characters out, you’re missing out. Definitely entertaining, but make sure to watch the Ape, Elephant and Polar Bears cams too!

6. Yellow Bird Project is an indie t-shirt company, though not as vast of variety as Threadless, they are still nice to look at. Bonus: they benefit charities and have a sweet logo!

7. TED talks is an amazingly-enlightening site. I know its pretty popular, but I’ve mentioned it to a few friends that were unaware of its awesomeness. So if you would like to watch great videos from some of the most interesting people on the planet, visit this site.

8. Twitter Sheep is quick insight into your Twitter followers via a word cloud. Get a general idea of who your followers are and what business they are in, maybe print it out for some fun artwork. 🙂


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