top 8 – Fascinating Links of the Week

24 Jul

1. Very Short List My amazing sister send this site my way. It provides great discoveries of movies, books, websites, music and science. Be sure to sign up for your daily VSL, its worth the daily dose of goodness!

2. Damn That’s Racist is a site to post racist comments you’ve heard, seen or said. Started by a good friend of mine, the site’s tagline is “Some things aren’t racist, but let’s face it, most of it is.” I’d hate to say this is a fun way to expose racism because its no joke, but the site does offer people an outlet for the hate in the world.

3. Disinformation: Everything You Know is Wrong contains articles about news around the world, but it reminds you to always question news outlets. The site is a aggregate for off-beat, quirky news and videos. With posts like “Teenagers Using Digital Drugs To Get High” and “The Sarah Palin Facebook Translator,” you can’t help but be amused!

4. Television Without Pity As stated in a previous post, I love some good TV! This site is all about recaps of shows, previews for upcoming seasons and forums for fellow tv-lovers.

5. Logo Design Love is a wonderfully vast resource of design and typography for logos. Spark some creativity and get some ideas for a redesign or fresh new look!

6. Current is one of my favorite tv channels, so it goes almost without saying that I find their website pretty sweet too! Always interesting and entertaining, it never fails to teach me something new and make me feel more worldly. Bonus: TV segments come in small doses as do the videos online.

7. FoodBuzz consists of numerous blogs by food lovers. Sure you could always check out Food Network online, but sometimes its beneficial to read stories, recipes and tips from some regular folks. I can’t wait to try this recipe for Homemade Pop Tarts or this one for Chocolate Pound Cake with Cream Cheese.

8. Urban Exploration Database, though the site isn’t pretty, the photographs of the urban explorations definitely are. I’ve always wanted to be an urban explorer. The photographs capture quiet places, frozen in time, due to abandonment and neglect. I know I’m ready to break out my camera and head downtown. 🙂


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