Quick thoughts…

22 Jul

Inspired by Chelsea Lately, some quick thoughts I’d like to share.

Facebook: If you’ve ever been an admin for a fan page, you’re familiar with Insights. How cool would it be to have these for personal pages? Ever wanted to know demographics about your friends? Curious how many views your profile gets? It would be pretty awesome to be able to see what links your friends actually clicked on!

Twitter: “I need more followers,” is an actual tweet by someone I know isn’t a bot. Really? Do you think you’ll get them like that? Give your audience (this tweeter has about 300) something to talk about: an informative link to visit or a witty quote to RT. I haven’t found that stating you need more followers works as a social media strategy.

LinkedIn: Most people I’ve spoken to don’t find much use with LinkedIn. I beg to differ! Yes its a more corporate type of Facebook, but at least the people using this platform don’t mind if you talk about work. Where else will you find like-minded individuals who completely relate to your job? There are even groups to join based on your position. LinkedIn is a gold mine of how-to information, resources to improve ideas and helpful people.


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