top 8 – Fascinating Links of the Week

21 Jul

These sites are keeping me busy this week, hope you enjoy them! As always, let me know if you have any you’d like to share. 🙂

1. Think Traffic I’m determined to keep this blog going strong for years and years. This site gives me great ideas as well as important things to consider for running a blog/website. A really terrific resource!

2. Jane Nation Gotta go girly for a sec! A co-worker of mine mentioned this site and I have to say I regret not checking it out sooner. Great perspective on all things women! You must register to gain access, though you don’t have to be a woman. I enjoy how the site tailors to your goals/position/passions in life called Sisterhoods. The site also has a list of recommended sites, which if you haven’t noticed by now, I love my lists!

3. Dave Fleet’s site has extensive analysis of Social Media and PR topics. I find his perspective interesting, valuable and unique. Just wishing for more content!

4. Blurb Make your own book is a site worth checking out! I’m itching to do this. The prices seem pretty reasonable and would make an awesomely-terrific gift.

5. CSSMania contains a vast array of sites that look sweet and/or do cool things. Check out the Sleeves site, which forecasts what shirt you should wear based on the weather in your area. Majority of the examples aren’t in English, but who cares when you’re looking at eye candy 🙂

6. 101 Resources for Creative Minds is a blog post from Skelliewag. Though the whole site deserves a look-through, I particularly found this post usefu, its a great collection of inspiring ideas.

7. Six Pixels of Separation, the podcast and the blog contain creative topics for you listening and viewing pleasure. The site is a little strange to go through to get to the blog, but once you’re there the information you’ll receive makes the trek worth it. With posts such as 4 Ways To Not Reek of Desperation and Use Your Brain, this guy truly knows how to engage an audience.

8. Bad Pitch Blog is a wealth of important advice for ensuring your next pitch doesn’t go south. Though much of the blog is based on PR/Marketing perspective, anyone who relies on gaining clients to make income should read what they have to say.


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