top 8 – Fascinating Links of the Week

8 Jul

I’m a little behind this week with my links. Better late than never though, right?

1. Making the Most of Social Media Marketing – Links is a list of tips, guides and useful resources provided by Silicon Beach Training. Though I’m aware of the majority of them are probably well known, I still found it useful.

2. Ultimate Social Media Glossary is a nice list of terms used in social media to help explain to people not familiar with the terms. It was a good way to help educate account executives around the agency.

3. Chocri is a website trying to steal my heart. Customize a chocolate bar! I can’t wait to try this out, til then I’ll keep drooling over them.

4. BuzzFeed is one of my fave sites for offbeat news and links. Lately, it seems like celebrity gossip is taking over this site, but I still manage to find interesting info that most sites don’t have.

5. National Geographic wallpapers, non-stop amazing desktop wallpaper available for free download. Its like taking a little trip around the world. Check out the News section while you’re there too. Usually there are some interesting stories in the animal kingdom.

6. Notcot doesn’t compare to any other design site I’ve ever seen. I love this site so much, its one of my RSS feeds for my Twitter account. Also check out the .com version here. If you can’t find something worthy of sharing, please see a doctor soon!

7. Goodreads is a nifty site that integrates with Facebook to let your friends know what you’re reading. It’s also is place to write book reviews and read what friends have to say about books you may have your eye on. As my boyfriend likes to say when I look through a stack of books, “Are you hungry, bookworm?”

8. NaniBird I love these little birdies! Try your hand a papercraft. I made a bunch of these to brighten a few co-workers day. Super simple to make, give it a whirl!


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