Took a little trip…

3 Jul

Most of the New York Crew

Every Summer, New York starts calling my name. My mom’s side of the family is from a small town upstate, or shall I say village as they call them. My family hasn’t been to visit in two years. It wasn’t looking as if this Summer was going to happen either.

Unfortunately, we received news that my uncle has about a month to live. Its leukemia. Though I don’t know much about this disease, a few women in my family are very medical-savvy. They explained to me, that he’s probably going pass away from suffocation is horrifying to imagine.

Almost immediately, I discussed with my parents taking our vacation as soon as we could. They agreed and Friday after work, we took a little trip up the East Coast. Yes, we drove and yes, being almost 30, I am vacationing with my parents. Family has always been very important to me. I don’t want to ever regret not spending time with them.

Driving up the coast, seeing the landscape change from almost pastel to the richest greens and miles of wildflowers is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. We finally reached our destination after a couple days of driving almost non-stop. I love this area, surrounded by the Finger Lakes, fresh air and cool evenings.

Sunday was filled with more relatives than I can name. More food than I could eat in a lifetime and stories that I’ll always be thankful I can share. Though a heavy diagnosis loomed over my uncle, he was in great spirits. Six of his grandkids and all of his children attended. He told stories of racing the Bodine brothers and totaling his race car, which he walked away from without a scratch. Simply a wonderful day!

I wanted to share my amazement with how my uncle reacted to this disease by not letting it get him down at all. He was smiling and laughing, enjoying our family and the time we had together. I’ve always heard stories of people’s triumphs over difficult situations, but I’ve never witnessed first hand some one I love set such an inspiring example. My uncle went on to tell us he would be returning to work Monday. He’s a carpenter and he has no intention of slowing down. I am definitely thankful for my amazing family and their inspiring resilience.


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