top 8 – Brands that know how to rock Facebook

23 Jun

Good examples help for great inspiration. I’ve explored some big brands on Facebook to see who really has a handle on their brand socially speaking. Based on level of engagement, content, usability and creativity, these Facebook pages rock!

1.Best Buy Not only do they sell music that rocks, their Facebook page rocks as well! Numerous landing tabs, especially the Idea Giftr, keeps a viewer’s attention. I love that their wall posts are integrated as opposed to “Best Buy posts, Others posts and Best Buy and Others posts” (one of my pet peeves). Best Buy addresses fan’s concerns almost immediately.

2. Bath & Body Works does a fantastic job inviting guests to their sales. Great use of discussion tab. The What’s New tab is a must-see, love 7-Day challenge!

3. Papa John’s not only my fave pizza, but a great example of how to maximize Facebook. Great customer service and fun contests! Be sure to upload a picture for a chance to be featured as their Fan of the Week! Yum!

4. Dunkin’ Donuts Ever since checking out their page, I’ve been craving an eclair! A new donut lover is featured weekly as the company’s profile picture. What a great way to show your customers they are valued. Check out Maurice, located as a landing tab, he definitely rocks!

5. Kraft Foods Though they could do a lot better with fan interaction, Kraft still makes my top 8. They introduce the Kraft team as well as post recipes based on the season. I applauded them for being proactive with a FAQ for Capri Sun.

6. Firehouse Subs knows how to have fun with their brand. Check out the Birthday Sub tab, the video is pretty funny. Firehouse also uses the Notes tab very efficiently, posting news about the brand. Their witty comments to customer’s wall posts are entertaining as well.

7. Cold Stone Creamery features a flavor of the month, please tell me who doesn’t think that’s sweet! This ice cream company gives me something to swoon about!

8. Target has amazing commercials and does a fantastic job in the social media arena. Their video “Faster” made me LOL! Show Your Awesome Summer Landing tab makes me wanna grab my swimsuit and head to the beach!


2 Responses to “top 8 – Brands that know how to rock Facebook”

  1. Ryan Paul Thompson June 24, 2010 at 9:10 pm #

    ummmmm, you forgot Touchdown Jacksonville. jk

    • stephanieburt July 1, 2010 at 9:14 pm #

      True! I’m hoping to break out a series of them, tv shows, movies, sports, etc. Stay tuned!

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