top 8 – Facsincating Links of the Week

19 Jun

It’s been a busy week for me at work, but I’d rather be busy than bored. In all the scouring on the web this week, I found eight sites that peeked my interest and are bookmark-worthy. Let me know what you think or if you have any to add! I’m hoping this will definitely be a weekly post.

What are the Jaguars up to?

1. Addict-o-matic This site creates a collection from across the web for any subject you search. Very useful for research!

2. Chirrps Want to see what’s hot on twitter? Check out the most popular tweets here. Tweets are also broken down by categories such as news, humor and my fave, inspiration.

3. Newsvine Similar to Digg, with reader voted news. Lots of fun tools to integrate your surfing time.

4. 100 thoughts on social media Short and sweet! This article is inspiring, yet simple. So glad Valeria Moltoni shared her thoughts. I’ve pasted them up in my office.

5. Need fun ideas on how to flex your social media muscle? 100 inspiring ways to bring social media to the classroom should help! Even if you aren’t a teacher, treat these as self-assigned homework assignments to explore the value in online engagement. I especially love number 1 and 57.

6. Social media topics that need to die is a greatly entertaining post by Amber Naslund at New Media Hire. The quest for universal constants is a good one. It seems most people would like a system to clone, but social media varies from brand to brand.

7. Openbook Curious about what people are saying on facebook about a particular subject? Input your search word into openbook and it searches status updates as fast as you can say “Speedy Gonzalez!”

8. Chow down, this sleek site is mucho helpful for recipes and how-to videos. Makes me hungry just writing about it! Thoroughly enjoyed the Chowhound section, which breaks out dining tips based on region.

What's hot on Twitter?


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