top 8 – Social Media Twitter Don’ts

2 Jun

Twitter has been part of my job for over a year now. Before that it was my hobby, learning from like-minded creative types and sharing new design ideas. Needless to say, I’m not new to the Twitter party. Social media is a popular topic lately, which is fantastic. I enjoy connecting with people from various walks of life and learning about their stories. The more people involved, the better. But, I’ve noticed a trend from tweeters who proclaim themselves as gurus or experts in social media, which great as long as you practice what you preach. Which leads me to my top 8 don’t of social media on Twitter.


1. Ignore a fellow tweeter who takes the time to respond to you tweet. You aren’t a messiah.

2. Have an auto-DM set up with a question/statement (i.e. have any questions or I will personally answer you DM) that you aren’t going to respond to. I love taking people up on this just to see if they are serious.

3. Be unresponsive when you are mentioned in a tweet especially a #FF. Simply say thank you.

4. Leave a twitter background as the default.

5. Constantly spewing your own sales pitches thinking people are hanging on every word. Unfollow!

6. Leave unshortened links in your tweets. No one wants to read that.

7. Forget the 3 N’s of social media: Be Nice, Be Notable, Be Networked.

8. Live in your own bubble. Twitter is about connecting with people. Humans, not bots.


One Response to “top 8 – Social Media Twitter Don’ts”

  1. Ryan Paul Thompson June 4, 2010 at 2:53 pm #

    great Twitter “don’ts”. Now how about sum Twitter donuts? jk

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