30 before 30

24 May

Four months until that magical birthday where my 20s become a thing of the past. One of the blogs I follow did something similar. Its a great way to get motivated to do things you’ve been putting off. This will be updated as I accomplish my goals!

Chalkboard drawing

April's drawing

1. Paint two paintings
2. Learn how to write my name using calligraphy
3. Print digitals pics for frames
4. Decide on a tattoo.. do I really want one? If so, what and where? (nope, passing on this)
5. Work out at least 4x week
6. Start a blog, contribute regularly (in progress)
7. Finish painting the house, interior and exterior (interior done)
8. Have a backyard BBQ— DONE! 10/2/10
9. Make a slow-cooker meal — DONE! March 28, 2010
10. Draw monthly on chalkboard door. (in progress)
11. Write or draw everyday! (in progress)
12. Picnic at a park – DONE! May 28, 2010
13. Watch all the dvds I own
14. Buy a very feminine outfit – DONE! 9/26/2010
15. Make & decorate cupcakes that look professional — DONE! May 23, 2010
16. Finish design training online
17. Don’t wear jeans for a week, stick with dresses, skirts & dress pants — DONE! May 3-9 2010
18. Roast a turkey
19. Finish my quilt – DONE! April 2010
20. Visit one/two new parks in NE FL
21. Go out dancing
22. Have make-up professionally done for a date night
23. Take a pottery class
24. Go rock climbing
25. Learn Spanish
26. Spend the day at a spa
27. Learn how to drive a manual
28. Take the pirate cruise – DONE! Sept. 18, 2010
29. Fan boat the Everglades
30. Illustrate a children’s book


First Quilt


Strawberry Cupcakes

Pirate Cruise

Pirate BBQ


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