Top 8 — Fave words

23 May

Everyone has words they like more than others. Some words are just fun to say.

1. Trifecta Ex: Good looks, sense of humor and personality may be the ultimate trifecta, but I prefer a good job, working vehicle and family values.

2. Percolate Ex: Percolating about design and social media is becoming my fave pasttime.

3. Smitten Ex: I’m as smitten as a vampire in a blood bank about this new necklace.

4. Plethora Ex: I could eat a plethora of Tacolu’s Avocado Tacos right now.

5. Wonder Ex: The wonders of this world never cease to amaze me.

6. Nightshade Ex: That relationship is as toxic as nightshade.

7. Imagine Ex: Imagine a polka-dotted tiger walking in a field of licorice.

8. Zephyr Ex: Summer heat makes me hope for a zephyr and a pool party!


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